Stop the Worries.

  According to the government, 1 in 10 children in London have significant mental health issues and 40,000 suffer from anxiety. Although variance in demographics means that these statistics aren’t necessarily accurate for other areas, it is indicative of a problem. As a teacher, you are the stand-in parent for nearly 7 hours a day,... Continue Reading →


Reading needs Repetition

Reading needs repetition. Reading needs repetition. Reading needs repetition. Got that? Cool. But why? Have you ever tried learning a new language? I have. I learnt Polish. It's hard. I spent hours poring over verb conjugations and sticking post-its around my house to help me remember vocab. Some of it stuck, some of it faded.... Continue Reading →

Guided Reading – The New Way!

The Problem with Guided Reading So that time of the day rolls round. You’ve spent the last 15 minutes of lunch time scrabbling round the library to find enough copies of the book you planned to use, and then try desperately to lay out the handwriting sheets, the correct group’s literacy (sorry, it's English now)... Continue Reading →

Sockittball and Democracy.

Let me introduce you to one of my (many) class pets. This scientifically accurate critter is Sockitt Bamboo. Being a democratic class, each mini-human submitted a post-it note with their proposal for a name. We then had a vote and I learnt one of many important lessons an NQT should learn. Namely, that if you let your... Continue Reading →

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